Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Golly!

I spent most of the weekend outside enjoying our wonderful weather. I have a list of things to-do longer than my leg, but I didn't get much done. I was able to garden some and read in the shade of the umbrella- very relaxing. At night, I spent some time crafting and made this Birthday Countdown Calendar for my favorite little lady, Miss Jolly Molly.
I make these for all the little dudes and dudesses in my life. See this post on how they work.

It's very pink and glittery.
She likes pink, so that's o.k. I hope she likes gold glitter.
Happy Birthday, Miss Molly!

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Molly is a lucky little girl....this is the sweetest gift! A great job!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I showed it to my mom and sister and they both said how awesome and thoughtful you are to do this for Molly. I'm bummed you won't be there to see her face in the morning when she sees it for the first time, but I'm sure she'll have lots of hugs for you this week to make up for it. Thank you so so so much. Love ya and Happy Mother's Day!