Monday, June 6, 2011

June Mash-up

I have a hectic June. I'm sure that many of you have a t least one month where it seems everything is happening in that month...and for me it is June.

5 Birthdays, Father's Day, school ending (teacher gifts) and the beginning of summer break!

I know it's coming, but it sneaks up on me every year! Can you believe it??! It's June! How many of you feel like your internal clock is set to April or early May? Ok, put your hands down, I can't see you...but I bet that's how you're feeling!

So my June is filled and I need to get cards done, so I sorta mash those needs together and make my cards for my classes around my celebrations. Believe it or not, I don't usually do this since the cards I make others are done with the scraps from my classes. I like to use up all my extras.
The mash up class is a mix of the thank-yous I wrote for my birthday:

The Father's day card I am planning for my dad: which by-the-way can be changed to a "friend" card

and the 3rd card:

You might recognize this paper...I've used the green before. I really like it!

Hope you're getting sunshine in your neck-of-the-woods!

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