Saturday, October 31, 2009

Notepad Madness

There seems to be an abundance of notepads out in Cyberland, so I guess I felt the calling to make my own and post 'em. The were fun and easy to make. I went to Office Max-the only place that was willing to cut the pads. I bought a 12 pack of Jr legal pads and took them to the printing/cutting counter and had them cut in half. Since there is a printed margin on the left, the cut left-sides are not useful if you were to make these as gifts or to sell, but they work great for your phone message area, the car, for kids or donated to your local kindergarten class or preschool. Kids love pads of paper!

Anyways, back to the project...
I made a pattern out of cardstock and decorated the cover with My Mind's Eye paper. Inside there is a small pocket for your receipts or anything else you'll need to tuck inside. Voila! a little holiday notepad. I think I'll make a few more (11) and give them as gifts and maybe even add the project to my last holiday class. I'll have to think about it a little while.

As for today, I am so done with Halloween...and candy. Isn't that something? I'm sure it will pass. ;)

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