Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guess What?

I hope you are all enjoying the last few days of vacation and indeed, if you were to look out my window, it would seem the last few days of summer as well. I love weather like this. Blustery, wet and sweater-inspiring. Of course, I get tired of it fast, especially when I have to go outside and wait for the school bus while it's pouring and wind is blowing the rain into my face. But today, I love it!
I had a chance to get my projects organized and listed in importance of what needed to get done and when. Then I went and created what I really wanted to make - whatever the consequences. It was most likely caused by the weather. And since I'm in this quirky mood...I'm not going to show you the entire project. I'll just show you a corner of something not yet finished. But trust is soooo FABULOUS!

Wanna guess what it is...or what it's going to be?

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