Tuesday, November 6, 2012

F'all Occations 3

It's Fall! It's elections day! It's almost Christmas! 
I am just agog at how November casually strolled up and totally slapped me in the face with all these important events!
Don't tell me you saw it coming...

Last week my family went to Washington state to play in the water park for the weekend. We go every November, and we always have a fun, exhausting time. We also don't get any pictures, 'cuz I'm not crazy enough to take my camera or my phone into the water area. So no high-action shots, but lots of fun memories. I'm good with that.

 Before we left for a mini vacation, I was able to make two cards. I'll have more time tomorrow to make number 3 while my 'baby' is in Pre-K. SO check back in on Wednesday....Hope you voted!

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