Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Oh yes...it's almost the Christmas season. It happens at least once a year. ;)

I am getting things done... not one thing has been crossed off I had to cross off painting the kitchen. So far, that's the only project that's been axed. Every year at least two or three are voted off the island.

I made these cards over the weekend and I am including a fry box in this class. The notebook I showed will have to go to the next Christmas class; we won't have enough time for it with these cards.

 This first card was inspired by a stamped card I saw on Pinterest.  I thought the label would look cute with paper and not stamped. 

I wish I had more time and I'd make up 40 of these for my personal Christmas cards.

This card is a glimmery, shimmery white paper with a acetate window. The words are stamped inside the card.

This fry box I made last year before I got sick...finally, we get to make it! I will make one with a snowflake in Kraft brown to replace the owl...couldn't find it today. I will hunt it down and update the blog.

I'm going to post about birthday boxes later today...It's all the rage on our street. More soon......

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  1. I am loving these cards! I would pin them onto pinterest if my button was working. Beautiful cards