Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple and almost home-made

I am having one heck've a week. How about you? It's Spring Break and the boys are all out of their various forms of school and home. With me.
All day.

We've done some homework and some playing and some science and some arts and crafts and the two oldest have each started a blog. And today is Tuesday. Just....Tuesday.

I have not had any time to myself, as all this together-ness is casuing much upheaval and energy usage. :)

So, I pulled out the class I was saving for April and quickly took some not so wonderful photos, but wanted to get something out here so it's available.

This class is called "simple and almost home-made" because I bought these little cards all pre-made but I decorated them myself with ribbon small stamps and gems and flowers.

The little tote bag/box is a un-decorated wedding favor. I covered it in a (really horrid) pink paper and ribbon and added a gem brad for some bling. You can add the cards to the bag or keep them apart. The paper I have for the tote will be brown and pink and will match the ribbon but it will not be that paper in the picture. (Thank goodness!)

Only 12 sets available for this one.

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