Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Band of Brothers - Masculine Cards

I worked on cards that I think most card makers have problems designing. I assume this is because the paper craft industry is so female-centered and dominated, the papers and design elements are definitely more feminine.

I searched my paper stash and found a few extra bits to match up with some new papers I just purchased. This first card was dangerously close to becoming too "Americana" since it is both red-white-and blue but also has stars and bars. the first lay-out was too much like a flag. I had to scrap that idea fast!

And the arrows point you in this direction:

The last card isn't quite finished...I want to add some hardware but that requires a trip to the "Home 'Po" so I've posted the card so you can see the basic idea. I'll replace it with a finished picture in a few days.

Hope you are having a super week!


  1. Love your masculine cards! They give me some great ideas for an area I struggle in.

  2. Absolutely love them! I am so glad to add some guy cards to may stash. I would like to order a set please. My address is on file and the check is in the mail!