Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very and truly "Moxie Fab"

Spring has definitely sprung around here. We have fluffy pink trees, fragrant daphne bushes, giant white apple tree blossoms and some wicked hay-fever from the beautiful flowers. I am suffering (almost) silently because I LOVE spring!

Here are the 3 cards for the next class: Moxie Fab

I was able to make a few cards before spring break and now my house is fully and completely over-run by boys. It is amazing how quickly it becomes chaotic around here with the bickering and the arguing and the competitive EVERYTHING! At least it isn't raining, so we are spending a decent amount of time outside at parks or on walks after the big boys have science camp in the morning (now I see how marching in the Army wears the soldiers down.) When it rains on Thursday, we'll hit the library. I'm planning everything, including homework, game time and snacks. Idle hands are LOUD and ARGUING hands.

I hope you're getting a little bit of Spring, where ever you may be!

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