Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're building up our Air Force!

This is what the boys chose to make for their Valentine's Day friendship party. You can find these planes here. It took a few (3) bags of lifesavers, 4 packs of gum, and a giant bag of smarties. But the boys had a ton of fun and I loved spending some crafting time with them! Tomorrow I'll post what we made the teachers, helpers and principal. Here's Alex playing with the 45 planes we made. Enjoy!


  1. Those are so awesome and crafty!

  2. I can't believe how cute these are and it looks like you and your family had a blast with them. Very clever coming up with something so fun for boys! Loved the crafts and the photos. Happy Valentine Day!

  3. These are cool. My son just walked up and saw these and wants to make them next year. Thanks.


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  4. Love, love, LOVE these!!! I'm sure the Caped Crusader will want to make little planes next year for V-day. thanks for sharing!