Monday, July 2, 2012

Today, Ladies First

This class theme of cards and bag are feminine...very much so.
 The first card is mounted on over-head transparency film. Kind of different. (There is paper inside to write on.)

 I have these "girl power" 3 x 4 cards that try to empower girls but also include the princess/fairy tale's always good to remind the world how strong you are, but still capable of remaining a dreamer. Maybe a "I'd-love -a-good-Prince-but-I-can-save-myself" kind of strength.

 The bird tag removes to become a bookmark.

And the bag unties to hold two bags of tea and a cookie.

 I have a few stamp choices, if you'd rather not make it a "thank you" bag. Birthday, Get Well, etc.

I hope you all have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!

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  1. I saw these cards in person. They are even better in person. So creative! I love making up your cards.