Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mantis Power

I'm feeling like there isn't time to craft and so of course I'm going to add another blog into my life. That makes sense, right??!
I'm going to try to separate the boys from the crafts and so I started a blog with the little dudes in mind, and I'll try to post their large and small accomplishments over there (insert wide sweeping hand gestures to the right) and keep the crafts a-goin' on here. SO...while I don't have anything to show you today, I plan on having something soon.

Ask me what I've been doing. What's that? What have I been doing? Well, after the kids recovered from their bout of the ick, I've been cleaning and participating in two different fund-raising auctions. And right in the middle of it all, these guys hatched:

To find out about this photo, visit here.
The auctions will be done in 2 weeks and frankly, the cleaning will never end, but despite that depressing sentiment, I will rise up and craft again. Like maybe tomorrow.

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