Friday, July 31, 2009

Tri-fold Shutter Card

I made this style of card for my nephew a few weeks ago, and used Sesame Street stickers to decorate the entire card. As I made it, I realized that the layout was really better suited to a girlie-girl card! I wanted to get back to this and re-create it for a friend of mine who has a birthday in a few weeks. So here is my practice card. What do you think? I really like the papers and colors, the colors are more suited to my personality but my friend will get papers that are more her style. I won't say more...she may be reading!
Here is a link for a tutorial that you can find all over the crafty-net, just by searching "tri-fold shutter card" I didn't use this one, but I looked at it and it is very similar to the directions I found at split-coast stampers.
Plus the author made a video for those that like to see the entire process in action.
I'm posting 3 pictures so you can see all the different folds it has and the areas to decorate. Although it looks complicated, the card base is actually quite easy to make. It's the decorating that is hard!

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